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The Company Marino Fabiani was established in the heart of the footwear producing region of the Marche, more specifically in the manufacturing triangle of Fermo-Monte Urano-Montegranaro. Forming the cornerstone were the owner Marino Fabiani’s intuition and experience. Driven by an age-old love for beauty, quality of life and comfort, he then went on to develop the style, culture and experience of his local region and the people living in it, following in the tradition of local footwear production that had spanned a number of centuries. Right from the start, Marino Fabiani chose to personally create his own collections and to pay close attention to each phase of production, with the objective of producing and offering a product of the highest quality, which is the distinctive sign of having been made in Italy.

The driving force of the business

The driving force of the business is mainly due to the creative genius of the owner, Marino Fabiani who does not only seek and choose high quality leather materials. He is first and foremost the person that creates the collections. Seated at his drawing table, Marino Fabiani expresses his creative genius, based on the wide ranging knowledge that he has acquired in the fashion world after many years in the business, and shows far-sightedness in his choice of business strategies. His design is sophisticated and takes inspiration from art, history, nature and the traditions of the Marche region. His collections are original, rich with nuances, and able to respond to the requirements and desires of his customers. In the world of quality footwear, Marino Fabiani is the perfect reflection of made in Italy.


The cognisant and balanced combination of technology, innovative materials and expert manual workmanship create the leader of the made in Italy brand, which goes by the name of Marino Fabiani. A label whose success is not only characterised by its countless participation in fashion shows, international happenings and events, from the careful planning of its marketing, the choice of testimonials from personalities that are well known and successful in the world of fashion and entertainment, from the continuous coverage received in sector magazines, but also and most especially, by the careful and thorough presentation of the product that over the years, has resulted in an extensive and loyal client base that is demanding and attentive, cultured and refined.

The production processes leading to the creation of shoes Made in Italy

Marino Fabiani’s creative flair

Marino Fabiani’s creative flair is always able to surprise with its design that places it at the forefront of footwear production: ready to take on new trends, brave in its new approach to the art of creation, mindful to proposing new fashions. The vitality that distinguishes Marino Fabiani’s work is sought after and appreciated by world markets. From the design to the finished product, it will often be the owner himself that will guarantee the use of excellent and often innovative raw materials, combined with sophisticated accessories so as to guarantee the high standards of workmanship where hand work combines with the use of functional technology. This is how Marino Fabiani achieves his objective: creating footwear of quality, that is comfortable and above all innovative.

A history of the made in Italy to tell The art and design of my collections 30 years of success

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